Free Pokies & Slots - Yea or Nay

Numerous experienced online casino players and gambling blogs confirm that one of the most sought-after games is slot machines. Perhaps, this is really so. People spin the reels and wait for winnings, yet, won’t it be too simple for you?

The game content tends to include numerous other types of entertainments. Among those, there are Blackjack, Sic Bo, Keno, Roulette, Video Poker, and others. And to understand the difference, you are to try all of them and compare.

Different rules, different objective and outcomes. While some casino members still don’t want to launch anything but pokies, we are going to reveal some downsides of this kind of pastime, relying on articles about free pokies at You should be aware of all possible results.

Reasons to Stay away from Free Slots

Huh, this is pretty unusual, isn’t it. Most articles and reviews only make a pitch of slots, telling about their good sides only. Our blog is more than honest and along with the advantages, we also point out several cons to mind. Cause loading the machines, you never think about bad things, seeing only funny themes and possible bonus features.

Herewith, we prepared some reasons to take into consideration and finally pick another alternative. Sure, everything written and described below can’t be taken as a 100% true, cause everything depends on your personal imagination of online gambling and liking. These are our experience, remarks and impressions. The final decision is always yours.

Simple Rules — No Fun

free pokies disadvantages

Some people prefer not overload their brain with anything, and they pick everything easy and simple. Something that doesn’t require much effort and force. The others like challenges and complicated tasks. Such people enjoy rainstorms, intrigues and hazard. Guess to which group belong slots…

Yeah, pokies come with simple rules. And this fact can be considered both as advantage and disadvantage. Happily, newcomers and those who have never gambled before, they can play machines with no fear to forget about some specialties or moves. However, this simplicity can get boring soon, cause no development is foreseen.

Big Wins vs High Losses

The thing that each slot review or the paytable itself says is to bet maximum. They insist you on picking the highest coin value, putting the max amount of coins per line, activating all paylines and paying the largest price for each spin made. Just imagine how many twists you are going to make!

Of course, the scenario is lucrative in case you are a lucky devil and you know that the next spin is winning. Otherwise, just imagine how much money you will lose just like that. There are pokies, which highest stake reaches $1,250. Sure, the top jackpot is much bigger, yet, no one guarantees that you will strike it today or even tomorrow.

Pokies Addiction

One of the undeniable benefits of card games is that you should think before each move made. That is why, the pace of the pastime gets slower, cause you analyze the steps of the opponent, count cards, try to predict the next action, etc. Thus, you have some time to think and to relish the process of the gameplay.

flaws of free pokies

When it concerns online slots, you can’t be the same. Everything happens too fast and loosing track of the spent money and amount of made spins is very easy. The situation becomes even more aggravated when you turn on the Autospin option. Here, you do nothing. You just pick the bet and choose how many twists to have. The rest is under the machine’s control.

How to Play Free Pokies Responsible

Right when you feel that your gambling condition is not as healthy as at the beginning of the pastime, make no stay! Enter the section with Responsible Gambling at your online casino and read some tips to help you. First of all, it is very significant to have a plan beforehand. Decide how many spins you want to make playing this or that machine, choose the bet size and time contributed for the pastime. Having some bounds, it will be easier to keep everything under control.